To Green, Or Not To Green

I was recently reading through an article titled, “The Worst Trend From the Year You Were Born,” and I was shocked to see 1967 listed as greenery with the caption “2017 isn’t the first time greenery has trended” and I was SHOCKED!


How could house plants be listed as “The Worst” trend?!


Sure, an over abundance of long vines and leafy mess can just flat out give your guests the creeps, but styled pots, cute planters, and the right plant not only pull a room together, but bring with them a plethora of health benefits; mental and physical alike.


If you want to avoid being featured on the next “Worst Trends,” follow this easy guide to picking out the perfect house plants.


Plants To Combat Stress:

  1. Air Plants: These are a huge trend all on their own, and give you a plethora of cute display options. As a big #SupportLocal advocator, I encourage you to visit your favorite nursery or  D.I.Y  your own air plant!                                                                                  Air Plant
  2. Tall Cacti: These are great to pull your room together, and to fit a style ranging from industrial, to farm-house, to boho-chic, masculine, and everything in between! Cacti
  3. Philodendron Plant: Love the beach? Place this plant in your living room, office, or yoga studio and you will practically feel the ocean breeze whispering across your skin.                                                                                                                                                           Philo
  4. Money Tree:  Bonsai’s like this have been popular for a while. You may not be able to pluck dollar bills from it, but the air purifying, day-brightening benefits are sure to bring you wealth.                                                                                                                            Money Tree
  5. Bamboo: This plant is peaceful to look at, and known in the Feng Shui world to bring you lots of luck!                                                                                                                          bamboo


Bedside Table Plants:

Plants for better sleep.

  1. Lavender: Lavender is great for all things calming, and especially for getting a busy mind to quiet down for bed. Lavender promotes better breathing, and a deeper sleep, as well as being a natural bacteria fighter. Lavender
  2. Aloe Vera Plant: Aloe Vera helps sleep by purifying the air and emitting lots of oxygen. It needs lots of sunlight to survive. Aloe
  3. Jasmine has been used since ancient times for it’s soothing scent and sedative quality. jasmine
  4. Snake Plant: Snake plant purifies and omits oxygen similar to Aloe, and will leave your room smelling fresh and clean. snake plant
  5. Gardenia: Gardenia is your natural solution to sleeping pills. This powerful plant can knock you out Just. Like. That. gardenia

Easiest Plants To Keep Alive:

  1. Aloe Vera: That’s right, this little guy is fun AND easy. The perfect combination, er, most the time. In this case, stick him where he’ll receive 6-8 hours of bright light (not direct sunshine), water once a month, and you’ve mothered the easiest plant on Earth. Click here to read all the uses Aloe Vera has, and how to harvest. aloe 2
  2. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: These super chic house trees thrive in a room with lots of light, rotate them occasionally so all sides are able to face the source of most light. When the soil is completely dry, that is your indicator to water. If you notice the leaves starting to brown your plant is either getting too much water, or not enough. Like a baby, listen to it and give it what it needs. fiddle leaf
  3. Jade Plant: Not only is this one of my favorite aesthetic succulents, it’s the name of my husband and also happens to be known for good luck! It does well in medium light, and similar to the Fiddle Fig, needs watered after soil is completely dry. Jade
  4.  Snake Plant: Yep, it’s back! This bad boy loves direct sunlight, but will be okay if you don’t have space directly by a window. Water every 2 to 3 weeks and congratulate yourself for being such an accomplished plant mom. snake
  5. Rubber Tree: Another great one if you’re needing some height is the Rubber Tree. This puppy only needs watered when the soil surface is dry, and likes medium-bright light. rubber leaf


All of these plants do well with pruning, so don’t be afraid to go in and shape them just how you like them.


Having living, breathing greens inside your home does so much more than polish off your decor. They help combat negative ions, make your home fresh, and emit several natural chemicals your body needs to function, think, heal, and be the best you you were made to be. Not only that, but they help boost your confidence and feeling of accomplishment.


Don’t believe me? Make a batch of Sun Tea – it’s the easiest thing you could do, but I guarantee it will fill you with so much satisfaction, you’ll be feeling good enough to start your own TV show and put the Martha Stewart line out of business.


And don’t even get me started on all the pros to bringing your vegetable garden indoors. We’re talking : HerbsVegetables, even melons and more people!


Thanks for tuning in, leave me your comments, and never be afraid to reach out for any resources.




Kaitlin Tookey Palmer is an award winning REALTOR®, passionate designer, speaker, and humanitarian. She jumped into business with both feet at age 19 and started working as a licensed real estate professional with Amherst Madison Real Estate Advisors. Dedicated to learning, serving, and enriching the lives of those in her community, she quickly climbed the proverbial ladder, earning leadership positions within her company, business organizations, and community service organizations. She has been recipient to several awards and nominations within her two year career. After partnering with real estate professional, Casey Wilson, and rebranding to Wilson Homes, Kaitlin and Casey closed over $13 million in home sales in 2017.  
“Wilson Homes isn’t simply a real estate business, it’s a movement for a better life. A better community. A better World.”



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