Designing a Morning Routine to help you be the BA boss you are.

Life is busy.

We know this.

Being a top producing real estate team, we know nothing but hustle. All day. Every day.

But if you’re not prepared for this kind of grind, you will find yourself burnt out, crumpled on the side of the road as a tired carcass of your potential, not doing yourself, or the world any good.

Sounds harsh?

Sure, but that’s because I’m so passionate about helping people, helping YOU, design your life, discover your potential, and keep climbing so that you can make this world a better place.

“Wilson Homes isn’t simply a real estate business, it’s a movement for a better life. A better community. A better World.” – Excerpt from Wilson Homes ‘Movement’
IMG_1230 2
You are made for BIG things, my friend.
Please, I beg of you, don’t waste your talents dreaming in bed. Get up and chase your dreams.

1. Choosing a Morning Routine

Now, Pinterest is full of amazing tips on “the best” morning routine, but I’m gonna shoot you straight, most people can’t stick to just one routine.

Sometimes your dog pukes in the house, then steps in it, then carries ick all through the house. Sometimes it’s your kid. Sometimes the coffee machine breaks, you have a longer workout, you need more meditation, a couple extra minutes in the shower, sometimes it’s an extra busy day that requires you get right to work, and sometimes you just need to get up, sip your hot-whatever, and enjoy the silence while the world sleeps.

The important part is that you get up. 

Your day will always feel better when you wake early. Be disciplined (again, because you owe it to yourself, and the world to be your very best self), but don’t confine yourself to one strict routine that causes you to lose grace when life, inevitably, happens.

2. The Guts

While you can be flexible with exactly what your morning looks like, there are certain things that should be done every morning.

  • Wake up EARLY

I mean seriously, before the sun. 5:15 is a good number for me. Sometimes it’s 5, sometimes 5:30, and I’m really training myself to be no later than that because my day just isn’t as good. Just remember, it is a training. You will hate it for a while, you might even be less productive at first, but it will get easier, and it will pay off. Stick to it!


  • Thank God you’re alive, and roll over and tell your spouse, or your cat, dog, or even your favorite blanket, “I’m so glad your here.” – Ronda Conger


  • Make your bed

This can be challenging if you and your spouse are on different sleep schedules, but remember, discipline. That means making the bed around your sleeping sweetie. It won’t be perfect, but it gives you a smile and ensures that personal satisfaction


  • Exercise

Whether it’s hitting it hard at the gym, a run, yoga, a couple pushups, some stretching, make sure. you start your day with movement.


  • Affirmations

Cheesy as they may seem, words of affirmation are absolutely critical in living a happy life. I repeat these every morning, and any time I start to feel in a funk (I’m a woman, we get down on ourselves all the time), instead of feeding those self deprecating thoughts I just repeat my affirmations. I am strong. I am confident. I am capable. I love myself. I am Kaitlin Tookey Palmer. Develop affirmations, even (especially) if you may not believe them at this moment.

  • Eat Breakfast

Fuel that body! My husband and I always have a full blown breakfast, with hash browns, bacon, avocado and eggs, it’s our time to sit together and enjoy each other’s company. It’s my favorite part of the day, puts me in a happy mood, and helps me bond with my lover. I also drink Moringa Super Mix from Zija every single morning. Moringa is the most nutrient dense plant in the world, and that little mix in my water has totally changed my life.


  • Schedule the Day

I sit down every Sunday to plan out my week, however, as new things come up  it is also necessary to make a to-do-list each morning and set time blocks to ensure you are being as efficient as possible.


  • Accomplish Tasks

If you have a task that absolutely needs to be done, get it done before 9am when distractions and interruptions will start to take you off task. For a look at how to organize your day check out Designing A Life You Love.


  • Get Ready

We reach a point in life where being a hot mess is no longer endearing. This is a hard pill to swallow, trust me, I’ve been there. This is coming from the girl who would wake up 10 minutes before she needed to leave, brush her teeth, head out the door in sweats, and maybe shower before lunch after gym class. As an adult with massive goals to smash and a world to change, you need to feel good about your appearance, and show the world you care about details. Have you ever noticed the difference in your confidence when you’re having a totally bomb hair day compared to day 3 no-shower-hair-is-a-mess-dont-look-at-me hair days? Exactly. No need to be vain, but make sure you’re showing up as your best self every day.

These are things that need to be done every.single.morning. No matter what. However, there is plenty more you can mix in to a morning routine. I listen to audible books while I get ready, you could journal, meditate, read the Bible, do a house chore (another great cleaning schedule in the post above), check out your favorite news and media subscriptions, check email, etc.


3. Putting it Together

Now that you know what needs to go into your morning, spend some time reflecting on yourself personally. What do you need? Check out some of my favorite routines below, and write a personalized schedule for how your morning needs to run.

Be flexible, and know that at first you may have to change and adapt it quite a bit until you find a rhythm that works for your lifestyle. Understand that as an amazing, wonderful human, you will always be growing, and circumstances will always be changing. Remember to have grace, and make changes as needed.

It takes 30-60 days to develop a habit. Remain disciplined, wake up early, then start designing the amazing life you deserve to live.

Inspiring Morning Routines:

I need your light, the world needs your light. Show up and share that light as the best person you can be. ❤️


Kaitlin Tookey Palmer is an award winning REALTOR®, passionate designer, speaker, and humanitarian. She jumped into business with both feet at age 19 and started working as a licensed real estate professional with Amherst Madison Real Estate Advisors. Dedicated to learning, serving, and enriching the lives of those in her community, she quickly climbed the proverbial ladder, earning leadership positions within her company, business organizations, and community service organizations. She has been recipient to several awards and nominations within her two year career. After partnering with real estate professional, Casey Wilson, and rebranding to Wilson Homes, Kaitlin and Casey closed over $13 million in home sales in 2017.  
“Wilson Homes isn’t simply a real estate business, it’s a movement for a better life. A better community. A better World.”





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